Social Insurance Contributions 2022

TyEL Contributions

% of Gross Earnings
Employer with Insurance (has at least one permanent employee at all times), Including Employee’s Share

A client bonus reduces employer’s insurance contribution. The final amount of the insurance contribution may vary when the total payroll for 2020 exceeded 2.169 million Euros and will affect the company’s contribution class and the premium loss discount.
Occassional Employer, Including Employee’s Share (no permanent personnel and paid wages less than 9,006 Euros/6 months)25.85
Employee’s Share, age 17–527.15
Employee’s Share, age 53–628.65
Employee’s Share, age 63–677.15

Unemployment Insurance Contributions (age 17–64 yrs)

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– for the first 2 197 500 Euros of Total Payroll/Year
– for the Part of Total Payroll exceeding 2 197 500 Euros
Employer’s Premium for Part-Owner0.50

Health Insurance Contributions

Employers’ health insurance contribution1.34
The health insurance premium of the insured party


The health care contribution0.53
Daily allowance contribution, for income of less than 15,128 Euro/year0.00
Daily allowance contribution, for income of minimum 15,128 Euro/year1.18

Group Life Insurance and Statutory Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums

The statutory workers’ compensation insurance premium is determined by the job’s risk factor and the total payroll. The group life insurance premium is collected together with it. Please contact Your non-life insurance company for more information.

Other Key Figures 2022

TyEL Limits

Salary at least
TyEL Insurance Lower Limit62.88 €/Month

YEL Limits

YEL Income at Least
YEL Insurance Lower Limit8,261.71 €/Year
YEL Insurance Upper Limit187,625.00 €/Year
Basic Uneployment Allowance13,573.99 €/Year
Membership of Uneployment Fund13,573.00 €/Year
Self-Employed Person’s Voluntary Accident Insuranceconfirmed income

Interest Rates

Premium interest Rate% of Premiums
– TyEL 1.1.–30.6.2022
– TyEL 1.7.–31.12.2022
2 %
2 %
Delaying Rate
1.1.–30.6.20228 %
1.7.–31.12.20228 %

Index Increases

% from Previous Year
Pensions (earnings-related pension index = 2691)2.28
E.g. earnings and particular limits (wage coefficient= 1.501)2.46