How can we help you with your work ability management?

Although work ability management is carried out within your company, it is a good idea to utilise external expertise and support from, for example, your occupational health service or pension provider. Since the late 1990s, we have been helping workplaces to manage their work ability risks and to advance well-being at work. The focus has been on preventive and health-promoting activities as well as vocational rehabilitation, particularly for those customers with disability risks indicated through risk surveys.

We advise individuals and groups

If you want to brainstorm your ideas and get tips on how others have initiated similar work ability development projects, we are here to assist and support you. We will review your company’s situation and provide you with our proposal on how to move things forward. Our contact information can be found on the home page of our work ability services.

Further expertise and perspective can also be gained from the events we organise for customers. Our training sessions are held both in person and as webinars, so you can choose the method that suits your needs best. Classroom training provides you with useful information as well as the competence and experiences of other participants, while webinars give you with the opportunity to focus strictly on the matter at hand.

We help conduct disability risk assessments

We assist companies in conducting well-being at work surveys of their personnel. The survey provides you with information about your company’s strengths, those issues that you and your personnel should absolutely maintain as part of your everyday activities as well as the primary areas that need further development as a means of supporting your personnel’s work ability and preventing disability risks.

Our convenient and easy questionnaire is available for use in our online service. If you haven’t yet requested codes for the online service, you can activate them here or by contacting us.

We provide key figures, guides and tools

We have created tools that are designed to support work ability management in your company. These tools are at your disposal in our online service. You can also turn to our online service to get key figures related to your company, such as the well-being at work index (derived from our well-being at work survey), contribution category information and statistics concerning your company’s personnel. Additionally, you’ll find guides and forms that are useful, for example, in development discussions, induction processes, early support and work adaptation.

Our online service also contains information about how you can support your employees at different points in their career, such as in vocational rehabilitation or retirement. You can use our two calculation tools to get either an estimate of costs related to absences due to illness or the financial impact of possible disability pension cases in your company.

We grant financial support for services provided by third parties

If you undertake to implement a project for the purpose of reducing any proven disability risks in your company, and you choose to have it implemented by a third party (such as a training company), you can apply to Veritas for well-being at work support. When determining the amount of support, we comply with the guidelines of the Financial Supervisory Authority to calculate the amount of the disability risk management component based on your company’s payroll and assess it with the proven level of disability risk. The majority of the financial investment in the project will, however, be provided by your company.

You can apply for support by contacting your own insurance contact, whom you can find easily by logging in to our online service.