Social Insurance Contributions 2022

YEL Contributions

% of YEL Income
Entrepreneurs, age 18–5224.1
Entrepreneurs, age 53–6225.6
Entrepreneurs, age 63–6724.1
New Entrepreneurs, age 18–5218.798
New Entrepreneurs, age 53–6219.968
New Entrepreneurs, age 63–6718.798

Health Insurance Contributions


The health care contribution0.53
Daily allowance contribution, for income of less than 15,128 Euro/year0.00
Daily allowance contribution, for income of minimum 15,128 Euro/year1.32

Increase of the daily allowance contribution for self employed individuals with YEL insurance is 0,14 %.



Other Key Figures 2022

TyEL limits

TyEL Insurance Lower Limits8,261.71 Euro/year
TyEL Insurance Upper Limits187,625.00 Euro/year
Basic Unemployment Allowance13,573.00 Euro/year
Membership of Unemployment Fund13,573.00 Euro/year
Self-Employed Person’s Voluntary Accident Insuranceconfirmed income

Interest Rates

Premium interest Rate% of Premiums
YEL2 %

Delaying Rate

1 January–30 June 20228 %
1 July–31 december 20228 %

Index Increases

% from Previous Year
Pensions (earnings-related pension index = 2691)2.28
E.g. earnings and particular limits (wage = 1,501)2.46