Terms of Use for the VerNet Online Service for personal customers


By logging in to Veritas online service (hereinafter Veritas web) and accepting the terms of use, the applicant or recipient (hereinafter the personal customer) of a pension or rehabilitation benefit can use the web service to manage their pension or rehabilitation matters. For personal customers, no separate user agreement is required. In the web service the personal customer can notify of a changed bank account number, or if she or he has been granted vocational rehabilitation, claim for compensation for travel expenses. It is also possible to review one’s previous commissions that have been managed online. The personal customer is responsible for the information they have notified in the service and the changes made to the service.

Registration and login

Users login to VerNet with strong identification with personal bank codes, mobile-ID or certificate card.

The personal customer undertakes to keep their identification codes responsibly and separately from each other, so that they do not get into wrong hands. In case of losing the identification codes please inform Veritas immediately.


Veritas specifies and determines what technical requirements are required to use the service and can change them if needed. Veritas strives to make the service available on most common devices and operating systems and software, as well as a fast-enough communication connection. The personal customer is responsible for ensuring the functionality of their devices and software when using the service.

Veritas strives to make the service available to the personal customer without interruption.

Prior to necessary service interruptions in the service during business hours, Veritas strives to inform in the web service in advance. The personal customer agrees that temporary service interruptions may occur at any time. Veritas has the right to close the service for example due to maintenance, hardware installations or other necessary reasons.

Veritas also has the right to cancel the license and service without notice if the devices, computer or communications used by the personal customer or the user jeopardize data protection, security or confidentiality.

If you have any questions about the use of the service, please contact Veritas customer service:

For notifying of changed bank account number

For claiming compensation for travel expenses

Customer service is open during weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

Responsibility for ensuring that the information is correct

All information provided via VerNet is binding for the personal customer. The personal customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct. The personal customer is responsible for all use that occurs with the user credentials.

Data security

The personal customer and Veritas shall both be responsible for their own data systems as well as for ensuring that their systems are equipped with the proper data security. The parties to this agreement shall also be individually responsible for ensuring that all personal data is carefully processed in accordance with applicable legislation in order to ensure the confidentiality of data.

VerNet’s data connections as well as all communications via the service are protected by SSL encryption. Veritas is not liable for any damages incurred by the personal customer due to data security risks (e.g. data viruses) or caused by a third party (Suomi.fi, Paytrail). Furthermore, Veritas is not liable for damages possibly incurred by the personal customer due to the loss or alteration of data in the network.

Collecting information on use of the service (cookies)

Veritas reserves the right to collect (e.g. by means of cookies) information on VerNet usage in order to improve the quality of service and monitor and develop service functionality, or for statistics and research purposes. Individual users cannot be identified from the information collected. Information is collected by means of, for example, Google Analytics.

VerNet will not function if the user has disabled cookies in their browser settings.

Rights on the provision of services

The service is copyrighted by Veritas. Veritas reserves the right to make changes to the service.


The use of VerNet is free of charge for the personal customer. The personal customer shall be responsible for obtaining its own network connections and codes as well as the hardware and software needed for use of the service. Furthermore, the personal customer shall be responsible for the costs incurred by said hardware and software and ensure that they are kept up to date.

Limitation of liability

Veritas is not responsible for the accuracy or appropriateness of decisions made by the personal customer for a particular purpose. Nor is Veritas responsible for any transfer or consequential damages in connection with the use of the customer’s online service. Veritas makes no guarantees of uninterrupted and error-free use of the service. Furthermore, Veritas shall not be liable for any damages resulting from cases of force majeure or for other equivalent reasons that materially hinder the proper function of VerNet.

Veritas shall not be liable for functions in the online service that are provided by third parties (e.g. Suomi.fi, Paytrail) and issues no guarantees of any kind for the uninterrupted and error-free use of said functions. Said functions shall be subject to the end user terms of service for each of these third-party service providers.

Data protection at Veritas

A description of the personal data collected by Veritas concerning registered users and how this data is processed can be found at www.veritas.fi/en/data-protection.

Applicable legislation

This User Agreement is subject to Finnish law and any disputes arising here from shall be resolved by the District Court of Southwest Finland.