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Are you looking for a new home for yourself or a commercial property for your company?

Veritas provides quality rental properites with many years of experience. Our rental homes provide comfort, safety and the best residential services.

Veritas also has commercial properties for several types of usage. You are welcome to familiarize with our properties.

Residential flats

May we help you find a rental flat? The size of the flats ranges from one-room studios to spacious family flats. We have rental flats located in the following cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Turku and Mariehamn. Check out our properties and complete a rental flat application.

Available rental flats in Helsinki metropolitan area (Vuokraturva)

Available rental flats in Turku (Etuovi)

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Commercial properties

Looking for available office space or a commercial property? Contact us and we can work together to find just the right property to meet your company’s needs. Most of our commercial properties are in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Turku. Veritas also has a variety of properties in Kaarina, Karjaa, Kemiönsaari, Kokkola, Nummela, Porvoo and Mariehamn.

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Constructions projects

Veritas owns flats and commercial properties all over southern Finland. Besides developing older buildings, we are involved in building new ones. We strive constantly to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings and to develop smart solutions.

At the moment we are constructing four buildings in Niittykumpu in Espoo, which will include 119 flats. The flats in Niittykumpu will be finished in August 2022. We are already taking in preliminary reservations for these apartments.

Veritas is a long-term real-estate investor

Real estate is an important part of the investment portfolio of Veritas Pension Insurance. Veritas endeavors for its real estate portfolio to generate a stable return that is not sensitive to short-term market fluctuations. Our portfolio is comprised primarily of office space, residential flats and commercial premises. Our properties have a broad age distribution, and they are primarily located in Finland’s growth centers.

Responsible business with properties

In Veritas, responsibility is the ground for everything we do. In the spirit of responsible property business, we take in consideration the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the buildings. We strive to make our buildings carbon neutral before the year 2030.

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