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Corporate responsibility is embedded in everything we do

We aspire to be a pension insurer entrepreneurs can rely on. Our vision is to provide tailored services with an entrepreneurial approach. Our services are provided with a human touch, whether in person or digitally. Our aim is to provide supreme customer experiences and to act as the voice of entrepreneurs in the field of pension insurance. Corporate responsibility is embedded in everything we do.

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The four focal components of corporate responsibility

The year 2021 was a success for Veritas especially in terms of sales and customer retention. In sales, we smashed all our previous records both in the amount of premium income and in the number of new insurance policies issued, while simultaneously considerably improving our customer retention rate compared to preceding years. The coronavirus pandemic was still widely reflected in our operations in 2021. In an effort to adapt to the changed circumstances, we further refined the new working methods and tools adopted in 2020.

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Customers and beneficiaries

Our service is personal and we focus on the quality of customer service to ensure our customers are provided with the assistance they require swiftly and reliably. We advise and support our customers in pension matters throughout their careers.

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Responsible investment

We invest pension assets in a profitable, secure and responsible manner. We shoulder our responsibility for pension assets and for the adequacy of the financing of the pension system by ensuring the return generated by the pension assets and our solvency.

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Good governance

Our objective is to ensure open and functional corporate governance. In our business operations, we adhere to our values, our Code of Conduct and good insurance practice. We act ethically and fairly. One of the goals of our corporate responsibility scheme is to develop our reporting relating to good governance.

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Responsible employer

At Veritas, the basic elements of a responsible workplace consist of cooperation, renewal, integrity, transparency as well as flexibility and fair treatment. Our manageable size allows us to provide all employees with versatile job descriptions and the opportunity to get to know all of their colleagues. Every single Veritas employee shoulders their own responsibility in maintaining a positive working atmosphere, open communication and the refining of work processes and competences.

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