Data protection

The policyholder is obliged to disclose information concerning its employees to Veritas for the implementation of pension insurance. When handling pension insurance, Veritas thus acts in the capacity of a controller as referred to in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Veritas is subject to the legal obligations pertaining to controllers. As a pension insurance company, Veritas is not a processor of the policyholder’s data.

GDPR requires that we inform you what personal information we have collected and how the information is processed.

We have grouped our clients, i.e. the data subjects based on the roles our client represent. In the below mentioned records of processing activities, you can verify the processing of personal information for the group where you belong.

This is how we process your personal information

Veritas archives personal data obtained through electronic channels in accordance with current regulation. Phone calls are not recorded.

Your rights

You are entitled to get a confirmation about whether personal data concerning you is being processed by Veritas. Any information that identifies you is considered personal data. Your name, personal ID number and contact information are considered personal data, as well as health information.

If we are processing your personal data, you are entitled to get a copy of this processed information.  You are entitled to request that your information be completed or corrected or, depending on your status as a customer,  be removed.

Please submit personal data requests through the form below. For the protection of personal data, your personal data is released only after strong identification. This process is to ensure that only you can request for your personal data.

The processing of your pension application does not require you to submit a request for personal data. For information regarding your pending pension application please contact us via our online service or by phone.

Request for personal data

The Data Protection Officer will answer your questions

Do you want more information on our data protection? Your questions will be answered by our Data Protection Officer:

Mika Seppä
phone: 041 457 8307