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  • Limitations on liability
  • Liability for submitted information and transactions
  • Information storage and processing
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  • Applicable law

General instructions

The publisher, administrator and content provider of the www.veritas.fi website is Veritas Pension Insurance Company Ltd. (hereinafter Veritas).

Opening the website signals approval of the terms and conditions of use and the service user’s commitment to comply with them.

The website may also contain service-specific terms and conditions, which the service user must accept and which are only secondarily applicable to these general terms and conditions.


The proprietary rights, copyright and other immaterial rights to this website belong to Veritas, unless otherwise specified. No one may copy, distribute or change the website content or appearance or derive any commercial benefit thereof without separate written consent from Veritas. The storage of information on one’s own computer or the printing of such information for personal use is permitted.

Veritas’ website (including the services available on the website) is published online without obligation and as is. The information on the website is general in nature and, thus, Veritas does not guarantee its applicability to all individual cases.

Limitations on liability

The www.veritas.fi website is intended specifically for the Finnish market.

Veritas is not liable for the accuracy of the information presented on its website or for any possible costs, losses or incurred direct or consequential damages related to the use of this information.

The information presented on the website cannot be viewed as a binding offer, request, commitment or other obligation for Veritas, unless otherwise stated. More specific information about the products and services provided by Veritas is available by phone or e-mail, or by contacting Veritas via the chat service or online service, or by visiting one of our local offices.

Veritas is also not liable for any service interruptions or damage caused by possible technical disturbances such as telecommunications failures, data system faults, malware or data security risks. Veritas does not guarantee that its website and the services offered therein are accessible on a continuous or uninterrupted basis. Any texts, images, audio files, animations, calculators and other files published on Veritas’ website may contain a technical fault or content error, and Veritas is not liable for their functionality or accuracy. The website may contain links to services offered by third parties. Veritas is not liable for the content or availability of services provided by external service providers, or for the accuracy, proprietary rights or copyright of the information published by third parties. These issues are governed by the terms and conditions of use and other terms of the third party in question. Veritas is not liable for any damages caused by unauthorised changes to the website.

Veritas is also not liable for any costs, losses or other damages caused by the use of the website or lack of accessibility to the service or a loss of data in connection with the use of the service.

Liability for submitted information and transactions

The successful delivery of any message generated through the use of the website is the sole responsibility of the user. Veritas is not liable for the integrity or stability of messages sent through this website. The user is liable for ensuring that no illegal or inappropriate materials are sent via Veritas’ website. The user shall ensure that any materials being sent are free from viruses or other damaging content.

The confidentiality of e-mail messages sent over an open data network cannot be secured. If users choose to send messages that contain confidential information to Veritas using an unprotected e-mail connection, they do so at their own risk. Veritas recommends the use of a secured messaging service instead of general e-mail if the user is sending confidential personal information or attachments.

Upon the user’s request, Veritas has the right to deliver, via e-mail, general information to the e-mail address specified by the user. Veritas is not liable for the disclosure of information in a public network or for any resulting direct or consequential damages, if such information has been sent via an unprotected e-mail connection.

Information storage and processing

Veritas has the right to store and analyse information concerning the transactions of its website users for the purpose of improving the quality and functionality of its services. Veritas can also acquire such information from a reliable third party.

Customer feedback sent via Veritas’ website can be processed and transferred to third party computer systems. Any transfer of customer feedback data will only take place to process and respond to feedback on Veritas’ behalf. Personal data related to feedback will be processed in accordance with the data protection principle.

Veritas can, for communicative purposes, show customer feedback that it has received as direct quotations on its website. The feedback is shown completely anonymously on the website and in such a way that the identity of an individual giver of feedback cannot be concluded from the context.

Read more about how we process personal data on the Data protection page.

Changes to the terms and conditions of use and the website

Veritas has the right, at any point, to change these terms and conditions of use, the content, appearance and availability of its website and the services therein, or the requirements of the hardware and software that are necessary for the use of the website, or to cancel a service or deny a user access to the website. Veritas has the right to interrupt service provision for maintenance and upgrading purposes.

Privacy and confidentiality

Veritas has the right to collect, through the use of cookies or similar system, information concerning the use of its website users for the purpose of monitoring and improving the quality and functionality of its services, as well as for statistical and research purposes.

Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer or the terminal device you are using when you visit Veritas’ website.

The information is collected using, among other applications, the Google Analytics tool.

Additionally, services provided by third parties that are utilised by Veritas (e.g., for social media distribution), may utilise cookies to collect information for targeted advertising whenever a user visits Veritas’ website. The collected information can also be used to produce targeted advertising based on the interests of the user. Veritas has no control over the use of these cookies. More information about the use of cookies by a third party is available from the website of the party in question. In addition we can target content, such as questionnaires, on the basis of user’s behaviour or location.

Where relevant, you may withdraw your consent for Veritas to use cookies (excluding functional cookies) at any time by managing your preferences via this link:

Set your cookie preferences

Applicable law

The relationship between Veritas and a user of the www.veritas.fi website shall be governed by Finnish law.

The terms and conditions were last updated on 14 September 2020.