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Veritas in 2020

Year 2020 was a peculiar year in many ways. The society was shut down in March and the coronavirus pandemic profoundly affected people’s lives and the economic outlook. At Veritas, we supported our customers throughout the difficult year: we were flexible with payments and focused on personal service.

Veritas’ strategy was updated at the start of the year with an emphasis on entrepreneurs and companies headed by entrepreneurs. The new strategy was reflected in the development of our customer portfolio. We attracted new entrepreneur customers and, as a result, the number of YEL insurance policies increased for the third year in a row.

The year in figures

Investment return 5.6%, Value of investments 3.9bn

Solvency ratio 128.8%, Solvency position 1.9

Supporting our customers throughout the difficult corona year

Best customer service

In early 2020, Veritas was rated, for the sixth time, as the best pension company in terms of customer service. The rating was based on the annual sector-specific customer satisfaction survey conducted by Taloustutkimus. Veritas received the best overall score among the pension insurers and was number one in service spirit, keeping promises, considering the customer’s needs, availability and contacts.

Customers and beneficiaries (pdf)

Carbon neutral investment portfolio by 2035

In responsible investment, one of our focal areas is climate change mitigation. We have set climate-related objectives for our investment activities: our goal is to reduce the carbon intensity of our portfolio and to increase the share of low-carbon investments.

We endeavour to develop our portfolio to be carbon neutral by 2035. For real properties, our aim is to be carbon neutral by the start of the year 2030.

Responsible investment (pdf)

Transparent and effective governance

In recent years, we have intensely developed our internal guidelines and operating principles to better match any new or amended regulations and our new ways of operating. We work continually to ensure that every Veritas employee is familiar with the regulations and company guidelines related to their own work and also comply with them in their work.

Good governance (pdf)

Co-operation with a human touch

We do our best to promote a good employee experience. The building blocks of a good employee experience include meaningful work, extensive involvement of employees, opportunities for influence, fair and equal treatment, open communication and, as the basic pillar, good leadership.

Responsible employer (pdf)

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