YEL contributions

YEL contributions are calculated on the basis of your confirmed YEL income. The amount of your contribution depends on your age, entrepreneurial history and number of instalments per year.

Contribution percentage of YEL income:

18–52 years24,1 %24,1 %
53–62 years25,6 %25,6 %
63–67 years24,1 %24,1 %

The YEL contributions are tax-deductible. The contributions can be paid by you yourself as the self-employed person or by your company, and they are fully deductible in the payer’s taxation.    

Entrepreneurs and companies are responsible for the YEL insurance contributions as well as other social security contributions. Check the contributions for 2022.

Flexibility in YEL contributions

When your financial situation is good, you can raise the level of your pension security by temporarily paying a higher contribution than your confirmed YEL income would require. There is no need to adjust the confirmed YEL income.

This flexibility enables you to invest in your future pension when your business is doing well.

The additional contribution may be 10–100 per cent of the contribution based on your confirmed YEL income. The additional contribution is fully deductible in taxation. However, the total of the regular and additional YEL contributions must not exceed the amount of the contribution payable for the maximum YEL income. The maximum is 187,625 € in 2022 and 194,750 € in 2023.

Under certain circumstances, it is also possible to pay a 10–20 per cent lower YEL contribution. This will reduce your future pension.

The possibility of paying an additional contribution can only be used once each calendar year and the contribution must be paid as a lump sum.

Read more about flexibility in YEL contributions.

YEL contributions in instalments

YEL contributions can be paid in instalments. The alternatives you can choose from are 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 times a year. One half of the annual contribution must be paid before 1 August. If necessary, you can change the frequency of instalments. You will gain the most by paying the entire annual contribution at once in January. An insurance contribution interest is applicable to late payments.

Here you will find some examples of the effect on the contributions if you choose to pay in 12 or 6 instalments or the entire contribution at once in January.

Examples are calculated with 15,000€ as YEL income.

Due dateYEL contributionFirst-time entrepreneur -22 %
20.1.20213 583 €2 795 €
Total3 583 €2 795 €
Due dateYEL contributionFirst-time entrepreneur -22 %
20.1.2021602 €470 €
22.3.2021602 €470 €
20.5.2021602 €470 €
20.7.2021602 €470 €
20.9.2021602 €470 €
22.11.2021602 €470 €
Total3 612 €2 820 €
Due dateYEL contributionFirst-time entrepreneur -22 %
20.1.2021301 €235 €
22.2.2021301 €235 €
22.3.2021301 €235 €
20.4.2021301 €235 €
20.5.2021301 €235 €
21.6.2021301 €235 €
20.7.2021301 €235 €
20.8.2021301 €235 €
20.9.2021301 €235 €
20.10.2021301 €235 €
22.11.2021301 €235 €
20.12.2021301 €235 €
Total3 612 €2 820 €

Discounted YEL contribution for first-time entrepreneurs

When you start entrepreneurial activities insured under YEL for the first time, you will receive a discount of 22 per cent on your YEL contributions for the first 48 months, i.e., 4 years.

We calculate the discount automatically for all first-time entrepreneurs, so you don’t need to apply for it separately.

If your initial period of entrepreneurship under YEL lasts less than four years, you can use the remaining discount period later on.

The discount will, however, be only granted for a maximum of two periods of entrepreneurial activities even if their total duration is less than four years. The interval between the two periods is irrelevant.

YEL contribution for first-time entrepreneurs

A first-time entreprenaur receives a discount of 22 per cent on YEL contributions for the first 4 years.

Age% of YEL income
18–52 years18,798 %
53–62 years19,968 %
63–67 years18,798 %