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Along with TyEL insurance, we also provide you with a dedicated insurance contact person. Our insurance advisors know everything about pension insurances so you don’t need to.

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Who needs TyEL insurance?

You need to take statutory pension insurance (TyEL) for your employees in an employment relationship if you are an employer in the private sector and

  • Your employees are 17 years or older and
  • Their monthly earnings are a minimum of 62.88€/month in 2022.

More about TyEL insurance

TyEL contributions

The TyEL insurance contribution is calculated based on the payroll sum paid by the employer to employees between the ages of 17 and 67.

In 2022, the TyEL basic contribution rate is 25.85% of the employee’s salary or wages.

More about TyEL contributions

Client bonus

Veritas provides its TyEL insurance customers with an annual client bonus in the form of a discount on the TyEL insurance contributions of contract employers. The client bonuses are issued once a year after the preparation and approval of Veritas’ financial statements.

This means that the client bonuses for 2021 are paid out in April 2022. Occasional employers are not entitled to receive the client bonus.

You can read more about client bonuses here.

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What is the Incomes Register?

To the Incomes Register should following be reported:

  • Wages
  • Fringe benefits
  • Fees
  • Other earned incomes
  • Both tax-exempt and taxable reimbursements of expenses must also be reported

Head rule is that wages and salaries should be reported within five days from salary payment.

More about Incomes Register

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Frequently asked questions

What are client bonuses comprised of?

The size of a client bonus is affected by the return on the employment pension company’s investments and the effectiveness of their operations, the size of the TyEL contribution as well as the fund accrued to the insurance on the basis of earlier contributions. The larger the fund and contribution, the larger the client bonus for that TyEL insurance policy.

Read more about client bonuses.

Are temporary employees insured in the same way as other employees?

A temporary employee should be insured in the same way as the employees in a permanent employment.

Would you like to receive TyEL invoices electronically?

  • Inform us your company’s online invoicing address. Complete the form here.
  • Or make an online payment agreement through your online bank service and choose Veritas as your invoicer.

You find more information regarding online invoicing on your operator’s or bank’s online service.

Work ability services

We will help you with work ability management! We advice individuals and groups. We help conduct disability risk assessments. We provide key figures, guides and tools to support you and your employees work ability and health.

Work ability services

Is your employee retiring soon on old-age pension?

  • Even though it’s your employees’ responsibility to apply for their pension themselves, discussions and agreements concerning retirement are necessary within the workplace. You can find more information about vocational rehabilitation and the different types of pension and application process under our Pension section. Our pension advisers are also happy to provide you with any support or information you might need concerning pensions.
  • Did you know that your report to the Incomes Register has a significant impact on our processing of your employee’s pension application? We need, for example, information concerning the termination of the employment relationship before we can grant old-age pension to your employee. Carefully read the instructions on reporting the information on the termination of an employment relationship from the website of the Incomes Register.


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