Financing from Veritas

Veritas offers its customers financing options for different needs. 

Investment loan 

An investment loan is a flexible option for corporate financing needs. The loan is ideal as financing for working capital, investments and corporate acquisitions. 

  • The loan period is 1–10 years. 
  • The loan may be granted with either a floating or fixed interest rate. The interest on the investment loan is based on the reference rate and the customer-specific interest margin. The total interest rate is affected by the company’s financial situation, credit worthiness and securities. 
  • The necessary securities are determined on a case-by-case basis.  
  • The financing can be arranged through co-operation with, for example, a bank or Finnvera.  

Premium loan 

Veritas customers have the possibility to borrow from part of the fund accumulated from TyEL insurance contributions as a premium loan.  Customers must have a valid TyEL insurance from Veritas in order to be eligible for the premium loan. 

  • The loan entitlement is dependent on the amount of the paid insurance contributions. 
  • The loan period is 1–10 years. 
  • The interest rate is determined in accordance with the valid TyEL reference rate. The TyEL interest rate can be checked from   
  • A premium load always requires collateral. A guarantee from Finnvera, a bank or an insurance company can be used as collateral. 

Contact details 

Customer financing, investment loans:  
Theo Laakso  
Portfolio Manager, tel. +358 10 5501 632 (corporate unit in Helsinki, investments) 

Customer financing, TyEL premium loans:  

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