Dare to be responsible investor

15.2.2021, Blog

Responsible investing has become a megatrend that is shaping the financial markets. There is a wide range of responsible investment opportunities available but comparing them is challenging. Responsibility cannot be measured with a ruler.

Investing fast and slow in the post-COVID-19 period

2.10.2020, Blog

Diversification has decreased in the financial markets due to the growing central bank stimulus. Investors are hunting for yield in more risky and illiquid assets which tend to correlate with each other in distressed markets. Can slow-moving investments still bring diversification in ever-faster liquid markets?

Veritas invests in wind power

1.7.2020, News and press releases

Exilion Tuuli Ky, a renewable energy investor owned by Veritas, Elo and the State Pension Fund, is acquiring more investments in wind power. The company has signed a deal to purchase eleven wind farms and eight development projects from the energy company St1.


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