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Pension and rehabilitation

Earnings-related pension is your safety in the event of major changes in your life: when your ability to work deteriorates, at the end of your career or when your spouses dies. Retirement is usually claimed only once in a lifetime, and things can seem complicated. But do not worry; with a little planning, claiming a pension will be as easy as anything!

We take your overall life situation into account and provide advice and guidance throughout your entire work career. Veritas always provides you personal service, whether you want to contact us by phone or digitally.

If you are wondering about retirement, we are at your service! You can reach us by phone 010 195 623.


Would you like to handle things electronically?

Our online service makes it easy to manage your insurance matters whenever it suits you best. All you need to log in is your personal online banking codes. Then you can:

  • Send secure messages and attachments
  • Check the progress of your application
  • Submit an electronic application for travel expense compensation
  • Order a certificate showing your pension or benefit amount
  • Provide us with changed bank account information

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Would you like to contact us by phone?

Our experts are ready to assist with your pension and benefit matters on weekdays from 8 a.m.–4 p.m.:

  • General pension matters
  • Preliminary calculations
  • Pension application process
  • Pension handling and payments
  • Old-age and survivors’ pension, tel. +358 10 195 623

Matters concerning old-age pension, partial old-age pension and survivors’ pension.

  • Disability pension and vocational rehabilitation, tel. +358 10 195 624

Matters concerning disability pension, the cash rehabilitation benefit, vocational rehabilitation and the rehabilitation allowance.

Vocational rehabilitation helps when your work ability is threatened

Vocational rehabilitation is a service supported by the pension insurance company for the purpose of preventing work disability and helping you to find work tasks that are suitable for your particular health situation. The rehabilitation is intended for both employees and entrepreneurs. Rehabilitation under the earnings-related pension system is always provided in the form of vocational rehabilitation.

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Heading towards retirement?

Start planning in advance!

It’s wise to start planning for retirement well in advance. Read more under Pension benefits.

For planning purposes, it might be helpful to see an approximate estimate of your future pension amount. You can easily calculate an estimate using the pension calculator for employees..

When you plan well, applying for pension is easy! Get more information about the pension application process here. Our online service is the fastest way to apply for pension.

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Old-age pension tips for entrepreneurs

It’s important to remember that:

  • once you reach your minimum retirement age, you can decide when to start receiving old-age pension.
  • as an entrepreneur, you can continue your entrepreneurial activities while receiving old-age pension, but as the obligation to insure under YEL will have ended, you will no longer have to pay YEL insurance contributions.
  • If, however, you wish to continue accruing pension for yourself, you can take voluntary YEL insurance.
  • With pension calculator for entrepreneurs you can estimate your future pension amount.

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All types of pensions must be applied for and every type of pension has its own application form.

The fastest way to apply for a pension is to fill in an electronic application in our online service!

Pleace notice that our online application service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Find out more about how to claim a pension here.

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Information for pension recipients

  • Have you been issued a pension decision? Remember to check the decision and order a new tax card for pension payments from the Tax Administration.
  • Is your bank account number changing? Notify us of your new bank account number using our online service.

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Find out more information about pensions here.

Your pension record shows how much pension you have earned

You receive your pension record every three years by mail. If you prefer, you can choose the online record instead, to be able to check your pension details whenever you want!

Find out more about the pension record here.

Frequently asked questions

Does pension begin automatically?

Since the commencement of old-age pension is flexible and generally up to each individual to decide, the payment of pension does not begin automatically. For this reason, it is a good idea to submit your pension application approximately one month before your desired retirement date.

Pension can begin at the start of any month as long as

  • you have reached your minimum retirement age and
  • you have stopped working.

You can check your retirement age from your pension record.

If you have been granted disability pension or partial disability pension that will continue until you reach the retirement age for old-age pension, your benefit will change automatically into old-age pension without the need for a separate application. If you are not sure about the date on which the form of pension will change, you can ask your pension provider. The starting date of your old-age pension depends on when the disability pension has begun.

If you have been working at the same time you were receiving disability pension, you will accrue further pension from that work, but it will only be paid to you once you have stopped working and applied for old-age pension. In this case, please remember to submit your application for old-age pension to your pension provider approximately one month before retiring.

Does partial early old-age pension change automatically into full old-age pension?

Partial pension does not automatically change into full old-age pension but will continue until you submit an application for full old-age pension. It’s a good idea to submit your old-age pension application about one month prior to the desired retirement date.

I have worked while receiving pension. Does the payment of the additional accrual begin automatically?

If you have worked after the commencement of old-age pension, you can apply for the payment of the additional pension accrual when you have reached your maximum retirement age. You can opt to continue working even after this date, but then the work will no longer accrue additional pension funds for you. Your maximum retirement age depends on your year of birth and can be checked from your pension record.

You can apply for the payment of pension funds accrued from work done alongside partial early old-age pension once you reach your minimum retirement age and the work has ended. The same is applicable to pension accrued while working alongside disability pension or partial disability pension.


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