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Pension and rehabilitation

Earnings-related pension is your safety in the event of major changes in your life: when your ability to work deteriorates, at the end of your career or when your spouses dies. Retirement is usually claimed only once in a lifetime, and things can seem complicated. But do not worry; with a little planning, claiming a pension will be as easy as anything!

Veritas always provides you personal service, whether you want to contact us by phone or digitally.

If you are wondering about retirement, we are at your service! You can reach us by phone 010 195 623.


Apply for pension

All types of pensions must be applied for and every type of pension has its own application form.

The fastest way to apply for a pension is to fill in an electronic application in our online service!

Pleace notice that our online application service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Find out more about how to claim a pension here.

Apply for pension

Information for pensioners

If you want to know more about

  • pension payments
  • pension taxation
  • working while receiving pension

Find out more information here.

Your pension record shows how much pension you have earned

You receive your pension record every three years by mail. If you prefer, you can choose the online record instead, to be able to check your pension details whenever you want!

Find out more about the pension record here.

Pension advice throughout the career.

The right support at the right time.

Apply for pension