Vision and strategy

A pension insurer for entrepreneurs – with a human touch.

Veritas’ vision is to offer personalised service geared toward entrepreneurs – with us, this is possible! We offer personal service and take our customers’ needs into consideration. Our services make the everyday business of entrepreneurs easier.

Veritas’ mission is to serve as the pension insurer for entrepreneurs. We serve with a focus on the individual and a human touch, whether in person or online. We want to provide the best possible customer experience and act as the entrepreneur’s voice in pension matters.

Our values serve as the basis for every aspect of our operations

Veritas’ values:

  • We are boldly and sincerely ourselves
  • We are constantly improving
  • We are committed to the entrepreneurial spirit

Our size, background and bilingual status distinguishes us from the rest. Our being different is a strength, allowing us to understand and serve our customers better. Our wide range of expertise guarantees comprehensive customer service.

Development is part of the “Veritas Way”. Each and every person’s input is valued and we develop our services from the entrepreneur’s point of view.

We are passionate about our customers’ success and support their growth by providing them with the best possible service. Our entrepreneurial spirit is always evident when we meet with our customers – each and every contact is equally important to us.

Our values are also reflected in our social media under our hashtag #weareveritas

Three targets for the 2020-2023 strategy period

We have set three targets for the 2020-2023 strategy period:

  • A pension insurer for entrepreneurs!
  • We make everyday life easier for our beneficiaries.
  • A responsible part of the world’s best pension system.

At Veritas, service is always personal – even online. Each customer is assigned their own contact person. We stand behind entrepreneurs both in word and deed.

We invest in customer service and provide support and pension advice throughout the career. Our work is steered by expertise.

Veritas performs a vital role – we are the voice of the customer in the pension system. As a small and reliable actor, we guarantee diversification in the system. Responsibility is baked into everything we do.