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Veritas in 2021

Veritas was responsible for the pension insurance cover of approximately 14 200 sole entrepreneurs and 8 000 companies in 2021. The year was burdensome for many entrepreneurs and companies due to the coronavirus pandemic. At Veritas, we supported our customers throughout the difficult year and assisted them in a variety of changing circumstances.

Customer retention improved even further during the year, and Veritas also gained a record-breaking number of new customers. For us, the investment performance was the best ever during the 21st century: the investment return was 12.6 per cent.

Corporate responsibility report

Responsibility work at Veritas was further developed during 2021. During the year, Veritas devised its Climate Roadmap for Investments and determined the interim milestones steering towards the carbon neutrality of investments by the year 2035.

Corporate responsibility report 2021


Annual report 2020


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