Information for pensioners

Pension payments

Pension payments and rehabilitation benefits are paid once per month, always on the first banking day of the month.

If a pension is granted retrospectively, we pay the first instalment as soon as possible, once your pension decision has been issued. We notify you of the first payment by post.

Pension taxation

The pension is taxable income. Once you have been issued a pension decision, apply for a new tax card from the Tax Administration. With your permission, the Tax Administration will send us your tax information electronically. We withhold tax from your pension upon payment of the pension.

At the turn of the year, we automatically send both you and the Tax Administration information about your paid pensions and withheld taxes of the previous year.

Working while receiving pension

You can work while receiving a pension and this work accrues more pension for you.

However, there are differences between the different types of pensions in terms of employment. Therefore, we advice you to check in advance whether working will affect your pension.

Pension payments when abroad

Earnings-related pensions can be paid from Finland to any country in the world. In order to make pension payments to a foreign account, we require

  • your international IBAN account number
  • your bank account BIC code and
  • your address abroad

If your bank account number changes, please notify us of your new account number in our online service for insured customers. The online service requires identification, i.e. you need your personal Finnish bank codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card for logging in. You can also send your details to us by filling in the Change of bank details form. Form is available in Finnish and Swedish. Please remember to sign the form.

Taxation of pension recipients living abroad

When you are a pensioner living abroad, your taxation depends, for example, on your nationality and whether you live abroad temporarily or permanently.

For further information about taxation of pension while living abroad, please see the website of the Finnish Tax Administration or call +358 29 497 024.

Submit your address details once per year

If you live abroad permanently, we annually send you the residence report to be filled in. You are required to notify us of your address details every year; even if there have not been any changes in your contact details.

The payment of your pension continues without interruption when you provide us the requested information by the given deadline.