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Apply for pension

Good planning makes applying easy! Find out about your retirement options and plan for a suitable time to retire. If you are working, discuss with your employer about the practical arrangements when leaving your employment, to make your retirement as smooth as possible.

Fill in the application

All types of pensions must be applied for and every type of pension has its own application form. With the same application form, you can claim earnings-related pension for work in both the private and the public sector, for national pension and for earnings-related pension from abroad.

The fastest way to apply for a pension is to fill in an electronic application form in our online service. You need your personal online banking codes for logging in to the service. Pleace note that our online application service is available only in Finnish and Swedish.

You can download your application form in English on the website and mail it to us free of charge by using the address:

Veritas Eläkevakuutus
Tunnus 5016380

When to claim your pension

The right time to hand in your pension application depends on which pension you are claimig.

  • Old-age pension, partial old-age pension and years-of-service pension
    should be applied for approximately one month before retiring.
  • Disability pension
    should be applied for at the latest 3-4 months before your sickness allowance paid by Kela ends.
  • Survivors’ pension
    should be applied for within 6 months from the death of the family wage earner.

If your earnings-related pension is small or if you receive no earnings-related pension, you can receive a national pension or a guarantee pension granted by Kela. More information on these pensions can be found on the Kela’s website.

Which attachments are required?

Attachments are required in the following cases:

  • If you have lived or worked in some other country than Finland, please complete the form Residence and employment abroad (Appendix U). You can fill in the form in our online service.
  • When you apply for a disability pension, medical statement B is required.
  • When you apply for old-age pension for a person who has reached the age of 62 and has received additional days of unemployment allowance, you need to hand in a certificate that you are eligible for additional days of employment allowance (form ETK 2110e). Request the certificate from your unemployment fund or from Kela.

Submit attachments electronically

You can expedite the processing of your application by sending us attachments electronically, as scanned documents or photos. Send attachments using our secured messaging service. The secured messaging service is available in Finnish or Swedish.

Send your message to

Applying for pension if you live abroad

If you live abroad and want to apply for a pension based on previous employment in Finland, apply your Finnish pension from your country’s Pension Office if your country of residence is

  • EU/ETA country
  • Great Britain or Switzerland
  • countries with a social security agreement with Finland:
    Australia, Chile, Israel, Canada, Québec, China, Korea, India and the USA

If your country of residence is not an EU/ETA country or country with a social security agreement, apply for a pension directly from Finland.

Fill out the application form and send it to us

If you have lived or worked in some other country than Finland, please complete the form Residence and employment abroad U.

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