TyEL insurance

TyEL ensures pension security for your employees.

Who needs TyEL insurance?

You need to take statutory pension insurance (TyEL) for your employees in an employment relationship if you are an employer in the private sector and

  • Your employee is 17 years or older and
  • Your employees monthly earning is a minimum of 65.26 €/month in 2023 (62.88 €/month in 2022).

The upper age limit for TyEL insurance depends on the birth year of the employee in question.

Birth yearUpper age limit for insuring
1957 or earlieruntil age 68
1958–1961until age 69
1962 or lateruntil age 70

The obligation to insure also applies to any work done alongside pension until the upper age limit for insuring.

Are you a contract employer or an occasional employer?

Employers are divided into two groups: contract employers and occasional employers.

If you regularly pay salaries/wages and you consistently have at least one employee, you need to take insurance for your employees, which means signing a TyEL insurance contract. As a contract employer, you will be entitled to receive client bonuses that will serve as a discount on your TyEL contributions.

If you pay wages to employees on an occasional basis and the six-month payroll for your employees is less than 9,348 € in 2023 (9,006 € in 2022), you are considered an occasional employer. Occasional employers do not need a TyEL insurance contract.

A household as employer

Employees who are paid salaries/wages by households also need to be insured by TyEL insurance. With regard to TyEL insurance, the same rules and contributions are applicable to households as to other employers.

Be sure to take TyEL insurance in a timely manner so that you can get your pension insurance matters underway prior to your need to report payroll information to the Incomes Register. The general rule is that salaries and wages must be reported to the Incomes Register within five days from the first payment.

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TyEL in a nutshell

  • TyEL insurance is the key to ensuring the pension security of your employees.
  • TyEL insurance is mandatory.
  • A portion of the TyEL contribution is paid by the employee.
  • As employer, you pay the employee’s share of the contribution to the pension provider on behalf of the employee.
  • TyEL insurance must be taken, at the latest, in connection with the salary payment and before the salary is reported to the Incomes Register.
  • Salaries/wages must be reported to the Incomes Register within five days of their payment.
  • A household that pays salaries/wages shall report the payroll information to the Incomes Register no later than the 5th day of the month following the actual payment month.