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Financial information and investments

The total return on Veritas’ investments was 8.3 per cent in January–September. Veritas’ equity investments performed best during the period of January–September, with a return of 17.2 per cent. The return on real estate investments was 4.1 per cent, fixed income investments 1.3 per cent and other investments 5.9 per cent. 


Financial information
Annual report

Investment allocation by asset class

30 September 2021

Investment allocation by asset class, 30 September 2021. Fixed-income investments 34%, equity investments 46%, real estate investments 15% and other investments 8%.

Investment activities

We invest our accrued funds profitably and securely as a means of ensuring future pensions. The aim of our investment activities is to achieve the best possible return in order to ensure sustainable funding for pensions.

Our investment activities are professional, independent and responsible. We utilise a wide range of different revenue sources and diversify our investments internationally among different asset classes. Our investments comprise fixed-income investments, equity investments, real estate investments and other alternative investments.

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The good investment return has strengthened Veritas’ solvency during the year. The solvency capital has surpassed one billion euro, which is 1.8 times the solvency limit. The solvency ratio was 131.1 per cent at the end of September. 

The solvency capital serves as a risk buffer for the purposes of our investment activities and against insurance risk. It determines the pension provider’s capacity to bear risk and pursue higher returns on investment activities. High investment returns increase a pension provider’s solvency and, correspondingly, the solvency decreases during weaker investment years.

Good investment returns strengthened solvency

Solvency 30.9.2021

Ownership policy

The ownership policy outlines how we identify ourselves as an owner, what our expectations are and how we exercise our rights conferred by our holdings.

Market sounding

At Veritas, only Interim CEO Tommy Sandås, Chief Investment Officer Kari Vatanen (all other investments than shares listed in Finland) and Equity Portfolio Manager Kim Fors (shares listed in Finland) are entitled to receive market soundings.

Market soundings must be sent by email (, unless the recipient has given express permission to use an alternative method.

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