Corporate responsibility goals

The focus areas of corporate responsibility at Veritas include customers and beneficiaries, responsible investment, good administration and responsible employer.

Customers and beneficiaries

As part of the pension system, we take responsibility for our customers and beneficiaries.

1. We issue pension decisions quickly and reliably

  • Handling time of applications in days
  • Percentage of decisions remaining unchanged after appeal

2. We invest in customer service

  • Evaluation of customer service (NPS)

3. We support our customers in managing risks associated with the ability to work

  • Customers’ evaluation of work ability trainings (NPS)

Responsible investment

We invest pension funds in a profitable, secure and responsible way.

4. We develop our investment operations so that they become increasingly responsible

  • PRI report scores

5. We take action to slow down climate change

  • Carbon intensity of investment portfolio

Good governance

Our operations are guided by our values and code of conduct.

6. Every Veritas employee shall be familiar with the regulations associated with their own work

  • Percentage of training courses passed

7. We develop reporting as to how we implement responsibility in our investment operations

  • PRI report scores

Responsible employer

We work hard to ensure that every employee at Veritas feels good at work.

8. We co-operate and involve our employees

  • Questions in employee surveys on co-operation and involvement

9. Everyone has the right to good leadership

  • Questions in employee surveys on supervisory work