How are you doing? – Survey

You must have some kind of feeling as to how things are going. Every now and then it is, however, useful to survey and verify the situation by asking your employees.

It is often said that only those things that can be measured and monitored matter. That’s how it goes; measurable factors are prioritised over non-measurable ones. Therefore, we also recommend that you utilise data and organisational key figures in your work ability management process.

If you want to be among the companies taking a more dynamic approach to work ability management, don’t focus on what’s behind you but rather formulate a target status based on your company strategy and indicators that will enable you to reach that target. Reflect on the future, not the past!

We help conduct disability risk assessments

We assist companies in conducting well-being at work surveys of their personnel. The survey tells you what your personnel consider to be the company’s strengths as well as the primary areas that need development. The strengths are things that you should absolutely maintain as part of your everyday activities, whereas the areas of development should be promoted to support your personnel’s work ability and prevent disability risks.

You can also add to our survey any factors that should specifically be monitored to help ensure your company’s success. We will gladly help you to identify the key factors and to come up with good questions.

Our convenient and easy questionnaire is available for use in our online service. If you have not yet requested codes for the online service, you can activate them by contacting your personal insurance advisor or us.

Key figures and calculators help you monitor and model success

You can also turn to our online service to get key figures related to your company, such as the well-being at work index (derived from our well-being at work survey), contribution category information and statistics concerning your company’s personnel. In addition to key figures and data, you should keep track of changes in your company to provide justified information to back up your decision-making.

Our online service also contains two calculators designed to help you get either an estimate of costs related to absences due to illness or the financial impacts of possible disability pensions (if you are a large employer). Concrete numbers make it easier for you to justify your proposals for finance activities designed to promote work ability.