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What needs to be reported to the Incomes Register and when?

Earnings payment reports are submitted to the Incomes Register

Veritas turns to the Incomes Register to get the information it needs to calculate TyEL insurance contributions. You will be sent a monthly invoice based on the earnings payment reports and related corrections as submitted to the Incomes Register.

When using the service to manage your payroll calculations, the service allows you to choose the payment method for your TyEL insurance contributions. You can opt to receive an invoice from Veritas or to retrieve the relevant payment information from under the Payments tab in the service. 

If you choose to receive an invoice from Veritas, you can also opt to receive the invoice in electronic format directly to your company’s invoice processing system or as an e-invoice sent to your online bank. You can arrange to receive electronic invoices by agreeing on the matter with your bank or an electronic invoice operator. More information is available from your own bank and the electronic invoice operators.

What is reported to the Incomes Register and when?

The information reported to the Incomes Register includes wages and salaries, fringe benefits, fees, work compensations and other earnings. Tax-exempt and taxable reimbursements of expenses must also be reported. The report must be submitted within five days of the payment date.

Here’s how:

  • Submit reports through the e-service of the Incomes Register using your online banking codes. If you wish to authorise another party, such as your accountant, to submit reports on your behalf, you must provide the relevant authorisation through the service.
  • Submit your reports through a technical interface in your payroll system.
  • Submit reports through the service by selecting Veritas as your pension provider.

The start or the end of an employment does not need to be reported to the Incomes Register.

A pension policy number is used for reporting 

When submitting a report, a contract employer must include the relevant pension policy number.

The pension policy number is derived from the insurance policy number, with added zeros if necessary until the number of characters reaches 11:

  • The pension policy number for Veritas customers follows the form 56-0012345A.
  • The pension policy number of former Alandia customers follows the form 56-7401234A.

In order for you to be able to submit reports to the Incomes Register, your insurance contract must have entered into force prior to the date of reporting.

Occasional employers manage their obligation to insure without the need for a separate insurance policy by selecting Veritas as the recipient of data within the Incomes Register. Earnings payment data can be reported using the online form provided in the Incomes Register as well as through the service.

Instructions for using the e-service of the Incomes Register