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About us

Veritas is a pension insurer for entrepreneurs, with a human touch. Veritas’ vision is to offer personalised service geared toward entrepreneurs – with us, this is possible! We offer personal service and take our customers’ needs into consideration. Our services make the everyday business of entrepreneurs easier.

Veritas in brief

We take care of the pension cover of over 110 000 people and pay out more than EUR 0.5 billion in pensions annually. We invest pension assets profitably and securely.

Administration and organization

Financial information and investments

We invest our accrued funds profitably and securely as a means of ensuring future pensions. We publish financial information on a quarterly basis.

Financial information and investments


Responsibility serves as the foundation of Veritas’ activities: we manage Finnish pensions in a professional manner and invest our pension funds so as to ensure that they are profitable and secure. As a small and reliable actor, we make the pension scheme even more diverse.


Veritas is a pension insurer for entrepreneurs.

Always personal service - also online.

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