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Care for your company and your personnel through work ability management

Assuming good work ability management in your company will yield benefits. For example, your personnel will become more committed and motivated, the work quality will improve, your business activities will become more efficient and the recruitment processes and daily management will become easier.

One added bonus of quality work ability management is that the personnel will experience a higher level of work satisfaction and personal life management. That’s a lot of reasons to focus energy on work ability management in your company!

What exactly is work ability management?

Work ability management refers to actions you can take to advance and maintain the occupational safety, work ability and health of your employees while also supporting their ability to cope within the workplace. You can implement actions on your own or through co-operation with the company’s occupational health service and other experts. In practice, work ability management involves, for example, developing the quality of leadership within your company, promoting the competence of your personnel or improving the mental or physical capacities of your personnel.

You will know you’ve succeeded in work ability management when the health of your personnel and individual factors are in balance with the demands of the work.

What good are statistics when it comes to work ability management?

It is often said that only those things that can be measured and monitored matter. That is often how it goes in terms of everyday issues; measurable factors are prioritised over non-measurable factors. For this reason, we also recommend that you take advantage of data and the key figures of your organisation as part of your work ability management process.

If you want to be among the companies taking a more dynamic approach to work ability management, don’t focus on what’s behind you but rather formulate a target status based on your company strategy and formulate indicators that will enable you to reach that target. Reflect on the future, not the past!

How can we help you with your work ability management?

  • We advise individuals and groups
  • We help conduct disability risk assessments
  • We provide key figures, guides and tools
  • We grant financial support for services provided by third parties

More information: How can we help you with your work ability management?

Vocational rehabilitation helps employees facing a risk of disability

Vocational rehabilitation may be useful when the work ability of your employee has weakened and they are not able to carry out their work duties as a result of an illness or injury. Vocational rehabilitation is also a means of returning to working life when your employee is receiving temporary disability pension.

More information: Vocational rehabilitation


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