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Care for your company and your personnel through work ability management

Assuming good work ability management in your company will yield benefits. For example, your personnel will become more committed and motivated, the work quality will improve, your business activities will become more efficient and the recruitment processes and daily management will become easier.

One added bonus of quality work ability management is that the personnel will experience a higher level of work satisfaction and personal life management. That’s a lot of reasons to focus energy on work ability management in your company!

How are you doing? – Survey

You must have some kind of feeling as to how things are going. Every now and then it is, however, useful to survey and verify the situation by asking your employees.

It is often said that only those things that can be measured and monitored matter. That’s how it goes; measurable factors are prioritised over non-measurable ones. Therefore, we also recommend that you utilise data and organisational key figures in your work ability management process.

On the individual level, a lot of people have been inspired to manage their own well-being based on smartwatch data or the results of a well-being analysis. It is much easier to motivate oneself to take small steps towards feeling good when you recognise the issues that hold you back and acknowledge that small changes in your everyday habits may provide great benefits in the long term.

More information: Our survey tools

Well-being at work – Proactive measures

Work ability management refers to actions that you, as employer, can take to facilitate the well-being of your employees, in other words, to advance and maintain their occupational safety, work ability and health while also supporting their ability to cope within the workplace. In practice, work ability management involves, for example, developing the quality of leadership within your company, promoting the competence of your personnel and improving their mental or physical capacities.

As an employee, you, too, manage your well-being and work ability proactively. By taking care of your own resources, maintaining a good attitude and keeping your skills up to date, you will be able to rise to the challenges presented by changes in working life and experience moments of success in your everyday life.

You will know you’ve succeeded with work ability management when health and individual factors are in balance with the demands of the work!

More information: Our proactive services.

When faced with a risk of disability – Vocational rehabilitation

The aim of vocational rehabilitation is to support your employee when they are at risk of losing their work ability permanently as a result of an illness, handicap or injury. Rehabilitation may help them either continue at work or return to work. If the illness of your employee is prolonged or hinders their coping at work, you should sit down with your employee and examine if vocational rehabilitation would enable them to continue working either at their own workplace or somewhere else.

It is always good to begin discussions concerning vocational rehabilitation with the occupational health service or other health care professional and request a medical statement B for the application. Vocational rehabilitation can only be granted if the legal requirements are met. For more information about vocational rehabilitation and the different rehabilitation options, please contact our rehabilitation services.

More information: Employer as support for the rehabilitee

When work ends – Change in employment relationship

We support both employers and employees when undergoing changes in the employment relationship.

Earnings-related pension supports your livelihood when you retire from working life. Both employees and entrepreneurs accrue pension according to the same rules. Pension provides safety in many different life situations.

A prolonged illness and decline in work ability may cause changes to the employment relationship, a risk of disability as defined by law as well as a decrease in the income level. Disability pension secures livelihood when illness and long-term decline in work ability prevent working.

More information: Change in employment relationship

Work Ability and Rehabilitation Services

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