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"Kari Vatanen."

Year of Stabilization of Interest Rates

19.1.2023, Blog

The year 2022 was a year of negative surprises in the investment markets and in the global economy. Hopes that the global economy would return to its pre-pandemic growth path faded when Russia started its invasion of Ukraine in February. As a result of the war, the prices of energy and agricultural commodities surged and caused an unexpectedly rapid increase in inflation during the latter part of the year.

Help us save ESG

23.11.2022, Blog

We work with hundreds of asset managers every year, and we see greenwashing a LOT. Based on our experiences, we would like to reveal some common ESG pitfalls and help everyone recognize greenwashing better.

"Kari Vatanen."

Is it responsible to invest in the Defence industry?

8.11.2022, Blog

Corporate responsibility is nowadays an integral part of core activities of an institutional investor. The traditional method of implementing responsibility into the investment process has been negative screening, for example the exclusion of the non-responsible companies. How has the war in Ukraine changed our attitude towards blacklists as a tool of responsible investing?