Instructions and recommendations for the online service

Registration and login

As a customer of Veritas Pension Insurance, you can use our online service safely and securely.

When you receive a pension or a benefit from Veritas, the online service is automatically activated for you – log in to notify of a changed bank account number, or if you have been granted vocational rehabilitation, to claim for compensation for travel expenses.

Employers: submit your online service agreement here (link in Finnish). The user included in the agreement will receive, via e-mail, instructions on how to start using the service.

Entrepreneurs: You can start using the online service once your insurance at Veritas enters into effect. Log in at Would you like someone else to manage your earnings-related pension matters? To inform us of other users and their access rights, send a message via the online service or include the users’ names in your online service agreement (link in Finnish). In addition to providing access to our working capacity maintenance services, you can authorise other users to view and update information concerning your insurance policy as well.

The online service access rights are specific to each person and insurance policy. The access rights allow the user to view confidential information. So be careful not to disclose your login codes to any unauthorised persons. Do not keep all of the codes in the same location.

Logging in to the online service for the first time

To log in to the online service, you need to use the personal link you received via e-mail. Entrepreneurs can log in directly at

Pensioners and benefit recipients can login to the online service for personal customers.

To log in to the online service, use your personal banking codes, a mobile certificate or certificate card. When logging in for the first time, you will be asked to check and confirm your personal information.

The online service applies the e-Identification service for user identification. More information on the e-Identification service.

Logging in to the online service after the initial registration

Log in to the online service at To log in to the online service, use your personal banking codes, a mobile certificate or certificate card.

Mobile app deployment

You can download the Veritas mobile application from the AppStore and Google Play app store. The application works on your smartphone and tablet. You can quickly sign in with your fingerprint, face recognition or your own PIN code, depending on your phone and what method you prefer! The first login requires strong identification with your personal bank codes, mobile certificate or certificate card. For security reasons, the application requires strong authentication approximately once a year, the application is available on up to three different devices for the same user.

If you lose your mobile device you can remove or ask Veritas to remove the mobile authentication associated with your account from your online service user information, so that a third party cannot get access to your data on your device. Note! If you lose your mobile device, we recommend you to follow the instructions on the Android or iSO operating system pages, and

Please note that you are responsible for any use of the service under your username.

Foreign online service users

The e-Identification used in the online service currently does not support the logging in of foreign persons. The functionality enabling foreign users to log in will be added to the identification service by the end of 2019. As Veritas is not an authority (such as the Incomes Register), we cannot provide our customers with the possibility to use a Katso-ID for login during the transition period.

If you do not have a Finnish personal identity number or access to personal banking codes, a mobile certificate or certificate card, please contact your personal insurance adviser for assistance.

Removal and changes of access rights

Only the customer him/herself can log in to the Veritas online service for insured customers.

To the online service for entrepreneurs and employers, access rights can be given to multiple users. Make sure to inform Veritas immediately, in writing, if a user’s employment relationship ends or the user no longer has the right to use the online service for some other reason. This is essential because the online service contains confidential personal and earnings information. Veritas shall be informed about any such changes in writing, for example, by sending a message via the online service. Also remember to inform us of any new users.

For each user, you must give a personal e-mail address. For data security reasons, access rights cannot be linked to an e-mail address that is being used by several individuals, for example, Never disclose your own user codes to anyone else.

For data security reasons, we cannot accept information sent by e-mail or given on the phone. It is not possible for us to verify the identity of the person speaking on the phone, and it is not recommended to send personal information unprotected through e-mail.


The online service data connections and communications are protected by SSL encryption. Encryption is indicated by a padlock or equivalent icon in the top or bottom bar of your browser.

Session and logout

Remember to log out when exiting the online service. For data security reasons, we recommend that you clear the browser cache and close the browser.

While logged into the Incomes Register, there is no need for you to separately log in to the online service. Correspondingly, if you are logged into the online service to view any information related to your earnings-related pension insurance, you will not need to log in separately to the Incomes Register. This requires that you have a identification session open in your browser at the same time.

Payment transmission

You can pay your insurance contributions via your online banking service. Select your bank and log in to the online service by using your personal banking codes. Payments are transmitted by Paytrail Plc. Paytrail Plc is a licensed payment institution authorised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.


The use of the online service requires a web browser. For data security reasons, we recommend that you always use the newest browser versions, and Google Chrome. The online service also supports the following browsers: Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Our online service is optimized for Google Chrome and, especially in the visual appearance, anomalies may occur when using other browsers.

The online service does not support Internet Explorer.

To be able to use all functionalities, you must enable pop-ups in your browser. In the browser settings, you can select to enable pop-ups on certain websites only.

The online service utilises cookies and JavaScript and their use must be enabled in your browser.

We recommend a minimum display resolution width of 1024 pixels.

Opening files

The online service contains links to files in PDF format. To open and view them, you need Adobe Reader or similar software.

Our Customer Service will assist you

Should you have any questions about the Veritas online service, please contact our customer service. You can find the contact details here.

Our Customer Service is open weekdays 8:00 am–4:00 pm.